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Monday, July 27th 2015, 5:31pm

Hosting rules

§ 1Servers who dont get used for long will get shut down - without any information. We choice what is a to long time without use, but over one week is ever the end.
§ 2When one of the Admins or Supporters of the think you abuse your server, we will shut him down.
§ 3A premium status give you the right to ask for more support then ohters but dont affect any of our rules.
§ 4You're do not have the right to ask or accapt any payent from people for a the server. Our servers be all free. Donations for is optional but not necessarily.
§ 5If you leave the server but your group, clan or team dont have a member who is old enogh for take the ownership of the server, the oldes can ask for a special status.
§ 6If you see that on of our servers get abused you have to send us a message about it as fast as possible.
§ 7We inform all users about updates but for there ever can be a case of lost files you should ever have a backup from your server files.
§ members have ever a higher rank on all servers - in case you see a person without a high rank but our page in his name, contact us to find out if its not a cheater.
§ 9We ever only give one person the Admin rights on any server. In any kind of hacking attack or server break, this person is responseble.